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Our guide for you and your journey to Berlin, Leipzig, and Dortmund.

Foto von Ruben W. Meier

Berlin Kurfürstendamm


  • copyright by Ruben W. Meier

Our BIG MAMA recommendations

Shopping in Dortmund

  • Foto von Ruben W. Meier

our BIG MAMA recommendations

Experience Leipzig with kids

Relaxation in the heart of the city

The most beautiful parks & green spaces in Leipzig

  • Leipzig Johannapark ©Philipp Kirschner / Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH

Berlin in the summer

Summer in the city

  • photo from Piotr Stefański on Unsplash

5 reasons why you should visit Leipzig

Experience Leipzig

  • delicatessen Leipzig

Adventures for the whole family

Museum of nature Dortmund

  • photo from Jon Butterworth on Unsplash

 Dodo Beach

Tip for vinyl lovers

  • Foto von Erik Mclean auf Unsplash

An exploration journey

Berlin's architecture

  • copyright by Ruben W. Meier