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BIG MAMA Leipzig

BIG MAMA Leipzig

BIG MAMA Dortmund Room

How to get to us

by public transport

train or public transport

The nearest public transport station is Leipzig Central Station. You can reach us in 3 minutes by foot from there. Take the west exit and turn right into Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse on the opposite of the street.

long-distance bus

The long-distance bus terminal is on the east side of the main train station, just walk through the station building to the exit west and then turn right into Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse.

by plane

You can reach us from Leipzig-Halle Airport in around 14 minutes. Take the S5 in the direction of Regis-Breitingen without changing to Leipzig main station. Take the exit west and walk right into Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse.

Parking around the corner

BIG MAMA Berlin parking

Directions & Parking

  • Book one of our hotel parking spaces for €14 per night. Since our parking spaces are limited, a reservation is necessary (+49(0)34198510).
  • In addition, the public car park west at the main train station is within sight, here you pay 7 € per calendar day.
  •  If you arrive with your group in a coach, you can park it in the bus parking lot on the east side of the main train station
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